Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Switching Gyms? FAIL.


I ain't signing no freaking TWO year contract! Hahahaha!!

Gold's Gym doesn't have the FitLinx system, they have nothing.

Totally freaking queer music videos that have ZERO artistic value? Yep, they got 'em.

Ceiling fans above the treadmills and elipticals? Nope.

Swimming pool? Nada. Just how the hell am I going to do my cumulative 1/2 hour of swim training for triathlons next summer??

According to old running buddy, they can jack the price within the contract period.

TWO YEAR contract? You're out of your mind, shame on you!

Gold's Gym, FAIL!

The YMCA will welcome me back.


L said...

You can join the Lone Star College Wellness center for $50 and use the facilities. http://montgomery.lonestar.edu/72977/

They might have what you need. You pay them taxes, might as well get some use.

Evan Guy said...

Well, the manager of Gold's just called. "If you relocate, then we can release you, blah, blah, blah..."

I told him that I wasn't signing for 2 years and without so much as a pause, "...and I also didn't see a swimming pool at your facility...I'm a triathlete, this won't work".

I wonder if he'll leave it at that...

Evan Guy said...

They've since called 2 more times....now they're nothing but SPAM in my book. I'm not nice to f'ing spammers.

Evan Guy said...

And the SPAM calls keep coming....I might have to go walk thru their front door and tell them face-to-face to KNOCK IT OFF, already...sheesh...