Monday, September 8, 2008

Ahh YES, SUCCESS!! 10 miles, piece of cake!

Man, I was scared, driving to the Sunday 10 miler. But HAD to go, it would have killed me to have not gone!.....This time, I DIDN'T ask Sabrina how far we had run at mile 1.8 (previous weeks when I coulda sworn we were well into mile 4)....I think I did finally ask at about 6.4, don't remember...

Training IS coming together! I run with the dogs in the forest on Tuesday and Thursday, go to the gym (run and do machines) on Wednesday and Friday, run the forest (or Woodlands 5k when it's going on) on Saturday mornings, and the long run on Sunday....Let's not forget riding MOTOCROSS 2-3 times a week, too...haven't been in 1.5 weeks :(:(

I'm about to sign up for the San Antonio Half Marathon and will likely forward this link to my BEST running buddy in the world, SONYA! We've run together since 1998....Hell, I'll strike up a brand new Sonya topic! Coolest chic anywhere! I'd wager that we've easily run over 100 races together and likely run together in excess of 400 times. We've talked about a lot of stuff...she's funny as hell talking about her family and idiots she has to deal with...

And I might have a new running buddy, Sabrina....we'll see...Sunday, I went into some pretty lengthy running chat about humidity that's rusting expensive stuff in my lab, environmental controls for my CNC machine tools, "ghosting" the hard drives on said CNC machines, peak oil and our voracious and greedy appetite for OIL! And exciting new alternatives! Hell, I may never see Sabrina again!!

The previous paragraph will totally ring with Sonya!! She's probably laughing and rolling her eyes. Sonya can totally place and envision what I just wrote. Hey man, it's who I am. She'll probably come on here 'talking trash'! :):):)

PACK A LUNCH, SONYA!! I'm gonna GO LIKE HELL in San Antonio!! :):)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

HUMBLED AGAIN! 2 weeks in a row...HELP, SOS!

Man, it's really UGLY out there!

I ran in the forest with my 2 dogs, NOT 3 (Jazz never came home,R.I.P. JAZZER!, she's a goner!) on Saturday, about 3 miles. Then EXCELLENT MotoCross! The weekend report seems to sound like a broken record, eh? :):):)

Sunday with The Woodlands Running Club was at least as bad as the previous week! ARGH! My running buddy, Sabrina was considerate enough to put up with my frequent walking near the end of the 10 miles. Man, this is NOT good! I'm in trouble over here! I'm stepping it up, gotta do it!

Sunday had excellent motocross races at the track...I opted to drink beer while spectating and putter around on a minibike. I did see the over-40 amateur class races and I thought, "sheeet, I CAN hang with these guys!" At only 5 laps per race, there's not enough advancement by the fastest riders to start "lapping" the slow guys. So suffice to say, if I hang in the back half of the race, it's not too crowded and fears of getting run-over by the leaders are minimal.

Monday, Labor Day, I went Motocross riding with some buds at the track....EXCELLENT OUTING!!

On another note, I saw a guy I know who was racing on Sunday. I had never met his wife. Nice lady, pleasant. The dude was barking orders at her, "go get me that jug of water" (while sitting in a chair and pointing). And other orders, as well. I guess it changed my opinion of the guy. I'm thinking, "get off your ass and go get it yourself!"...."AND since when did you get polio, lard ass??"...."it's not like you're running a marathon, you're racing ONLY 5 laps" (his riding was totally unimpressive) opinion of him has changed a lot...I'd bet that he barks at her all the time.... :( :( :(