Saturday, October 11, 2008

OK, I'm back! How rude to have bailed on y'all....

Sorry for the lengthy delay in writing! How RUDE! I'll be brief at this very point in time because I'm in trouble!!

About a month and a half ago, my running buddy, Sabrina, mentioned the Hunstville Half-Marathon. Of course I went and mouthed off, "sure, you're on!" Suffice to say that my running has been non-existent with the arrival of Ike. My gym training also non-existent. I'm out the door right now to go run the Huntsville Half!

I'm sending out distress signals, EVEN before the race!! This could be ugly!! It's a 2 lap race, so if the "wheels are falling off and the connecting rods have punched holes in the block" after 1 lap, I'll exit. If I'm still intact after the 1st lap, then I might go the whole way!

I've got a new camera, so maybe I'll snap some pics!

Oh dear, I'm scared! I'm outta here!!


Adrienne said...

Don't be scurd! See ya out there!

Evan Guy said...

I WAS scared! NOW I'm scarred!