Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend in Review! Weekdays are needed to give pause/recovery from Weekends!

I've been working diligently for the past few years to eliminate my monetary debts. Going into the weekend, I was finally DEBT FREE! No mortgage loan. No car loans. No credit card debts. No big machinery loans. Feels GOOD! My mantra has been, "I'm gonna take back my weekends!" Done deal.

So how did I score on taking back my weekends? Let's see: Saturday morning, I drove down to the Buffalo Wallow 6k Race down at Waugh and Memorial Drive. It was a great cross-country event. Further evidence that my anonymity (after relocating back here) is gone, I saw folks I knew at the event. Of course there was Coach Bill, Adrienne, and Gaslight. I hung out and chatted with Gaslight after I was done running. Neat lady, hardcore about her Houston running scene! There were runners EVERYWHERE! Not just my race, but everywhere for miles and miles. Houston's running contingent is stout! Photo credit, Bill D:

Earlier in the week, my good friend, Jeff, suggested that we go mountain biking on the Ho Chi Minh Trails that are within Memorial Park. Well, he opted out so I went anyway! It had probably been 12 years since I'd cycled there. I asked a rider if there were any "technical trails" (challenging). He said, "very technical" and pointed me in the right direction. Having done most of my mountain biking in Government Canyon (Helotes), Crown Ridge (San Antonio), and Hill Country Natural Area (in Bandera), I'm telling you that Ho Chi Minh is not VERY technical. Technical, yes. VERY, no! In all, a really cool place to ride! I had a blast, can't wait to go back!!

A typical picture of what the technical areas look like:

Really COOL sort of chute:

From there, it was off to just "go see people". This is RARE for me! I was in no particular hurry! I went and visited my good friends, L & J, who have put their home up for sale. I'm pretty tough on them. They still have stuff all over the place and I tell them they're NOT moving anytime soon. That's what the prospective buyers will think. My Realtor told me the same thing. I'll be damned if I didn't clear the whole house out after she barked at me! So it's my job to pass it on.

It IS important to be wary of under-arm perspiration whilst riding one's Harley on the 610 loop. This guy figured out the solution:

Next up was a visit to my buddies over at Cee San. Apparently, they TOO have taken back their weekends! Place was a ghost town:

I then went to my MOM's for lunch and fixed their treadmill. Great visit. Later in the day as I was prepping some dirt bikes, my buddy Matt came by. Damn, I've known this guy for 38 years! Hadn't seen him in prolly 25 years. I was gonna say he's a bit freakish, but then noticed the pic of my lovely tie-dye shirt. Oh well:

Then came Sunday! Had a great time at the track! It had been watered a bit much for my liking, but had a super time and passed a couple of riders. Yeah BABY:

I was going to go to my first "Hashing Run", but I got scared and the afternoon was overcast and windy. Next time! These hashers (Click on the link) are just nuts! Go to the "Hashing 101" section. That would indeed make me a 'virgin'!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Great weekend, I'm loving it!...

Good times were had by many this past weekend! I was REALLY looking forward to going dirt biking! Didn't happen, BOO! I worked a bunch on Saturday, but I'm not complaining...my client needs her products and it's interesting and challenging stuff!

I traveled to the Bill Crews Remission Run on Saturday. It was the first year for this fantastic event. I didn't see too many spoilers in my age group, other than the ultra fast Jacob Mazone. I figured maybe I could earn some bling, take home a prize. It was a tough course and my fortitude wasn't strong late in the game.

I thought about leaving before the awards presentation, but resisted. The time I came in 1st place in Masters' division, I wasn't there for the award. It's anti-climactic for the organizers to give out awards to people who aren't even there! So I stayed. I scored 3rd Place in the 40-50 division! I won a heart-warming book, written by Dana-Susan Crews that told of Bill's winning battle over cancer! Thanks! I'm so glad I stayed!

Sunday, I went running with The Woodlands Running Club and had a great 7.5 mile run and met a couple of folks while running. Good times!

I went home, worked a bunch more, then showered and went to Brenham to deliver a new computer to my mentor, Glenn. Super cool guy that I met in 1986. He's an engineer's engineer, truly a bad-ass when it comes to R&D of internal-combustion engines, among many other things! Over the years, Glenn has kept me pointed in (mostly) the right direction. But he hasn't been too generous with the 'atta-boy's'. I'll show him some neat stuff and he compliments my effort, but will often provide a little additional suggestion. JUST ENOUGH to have me striving for higher career performance and seeking his approval! Good stuff!

Anyway, his computer was probably 20 years old. I got him "tuned up" with a modern Dell from eBay for $150. Since my work was done for the day and I've been on a quest to "take back my weekends", I was actually not too hurried when I visited. That's rare! After several hours I was suddenly in a hurry!

I had MORE socializing to do, Superbowl Party! Quite the sociable guy yesterday. At the party, I hung out for almost 4 hours, not particularly in a hurry. Rare.
Fun party:

My friend Curt built this really cool table:

Party animal! Man about town: