Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ok, let the whining begin! Hot weather is good, cold is not...

I really didn't have a problem with the summer, it was easy this year. Yeah, there were some warm days, but nothing approaching unbearable.

[Rant ON] I do not do cold weather! It seems I'm going to have to trade in my shorts for jeans and put on another sweatshirt. I'm freezing out there! [Rant OFF]

[Rant ON] Ok, on a different note: Massage Envy. Good grief. After moving a bunch of stuff earlier this year, I was feeling Plantar Fasciitis. Even through my years of running I'd only heard about it, never felt it. I reasoned it had to be from lifting and moving a bunch of stuff. I contacted a local massage therapist who didn't return my call. Finally I decided to go to Massage Envy on Market Street in The Woodlands.

1)A 1 hour massage is only a 50 minute massage.

2)A 6 month contract is really a 7 month contract.

3)They recommend the gratuity to be paid to the therapist and I recall reading that gratuity is automatically added for 1 1/2 hour or longer session.

4) I didn't use up my massages that I had already paid for. My 7 months expired and I was told that I lost the 4 sessions because my membership had expired. But I had already pre-paid for the sessions, months earlier. "Our computer won't let us do that".

5) A 50 minute massage is really only a 45 minute massage. Complain about it and you'll again get another 45 minute session, next time.
[Rant OFF]


Damn I miss Sher!! She's in San Antonio, She's THE BEST Massage Therapist IN THE WORLD! She's totally hardcore and does very well for herself! Why and How does she do so well? She's totally knowledgeable and she WORKS her ass off! Most/many massage therapists are totally flaky people who just kind of irresponsibly bounce around in life. Not Sher, she works very hard. There is NO WAY I could have done all the great running and tri stuff without her! And you should hear the foul language coming from my mouth when she gets really deep into my deep tissue massage. Very bad language! She's petite and very attractive with a great personality. But I've never had any sort of 'arousal problem' while on her table. While she's finding stuff WAY deep, it's often uncomfortable/painful. You find yourself asking, "I pay money for this?" Sher is great. Here:

We used to go trail running in San Antonio Ranch and Government Canyon. I've also cycled a good bit with Sher. Good times, great memories!


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