Saturday, October 11, 2008

Huntsville Half Marathon...I DONE THUNDERED!!....

MUCH to my surprise, I kicked it really well this morning!! WooHoo!! The Huntsville race is brutal with hills! Everything was quasi-OK after the 1st lap. Things started going wrong after that. Because I have ZERO training, I have no callouses on my toes (well I have some, but not enough for what I was doing).

Between the hills and the bloody toe, my athletic fortitude crumbled late in the race. I walked a bunch, I wasted 3-4 minutes walking. I was hoping to go under 2 hours.....Soooo, how did I fare, you ask??

1:47:40, BABY!! That's about 8:14 min/mile....Sheesh, I'll take it!

There was at least one casualty:

And I saw my running buddy, Sabrina (middle) and the SUPER FAST CHIC, Adrienne (right). I don't know how she did, but she probably won it! Heck, if I can't be a truly great runner, I might as well hang out with great runners, eh?! Here:

And saw Karen, Bill Dwyer, Jon Walk....GREAT bunch of folks! They're truly committed to the runners' cause and are responsible for putting on a TOP NOTCH event! Thanks guys!

And that's just the 1st-third of my day...shower, then client work, followed by the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival. And I have a date! I'll be welcoming a restful work week, weekends are tiring! WooHoo...

EDIT: Bill Dwyer (Bill, THANKS for ALL of your contributions to the local running scene!) just sent me these pics he took...I chatted a good bit with the girl in the first pic. This was at the half-way point, before the whole thing began to unravel and get tangled. :):)

Second pic, post race, briefly hanging out with Sabrina (after I was pretty sure I wasn't going to puke).

And major kudos to Sabrina, she was HAULING today! Better than 10 minutes ahead of her goal...She's about to go run the Marine Corps Marathon in 2 weeks! She's stout and uninjured with lots of training miles on her shoes!


Bill D said...

great seeing you. Congrats on a no training fast time on a very tough course.

Sabrina said...

Evan - you sprung up those hills like Bambi. Congrats!

K said...

You looked awesome today, Evan! A smile the whole time... if you ain't havin' fun.... right?!!

congrats on the great time!!

Julie said...

Yea, Evan!

Nice share on the toes.

Adrienne said...

looks like you were having fun out there...and yes, I admit, I did win & PR-yay!

Tiggs said...

i love when runners post pictures of their feet/toes! LOL!

1:47 with no training.....I'm lucky to hit 2:10 on a flat course on my best day!

go evan!

Evan Guy said...

"Thank You, Thank You" (taking a bow, of course)

Great time, for sure! Man did I have a "running hang-over" yesterday! I was just hammered for the first half of the day!

I guess I'm gonna need to strat a smart regimen if I'm gonna go run a 1:40 in San Antonio, eh?!! You hear that SONYA?? Pack a lunch, Lady!!

And yes, I finally scored a new camera that doesn't suffer from "shutter lag" (very important for Motocross photography). So my postings will likely have more pics. :):)

Julie said...

Sorry for the confusion, Ev. I just posted a few days ago about vitamin D3. Then there was the announcement that the RDA of D for kids be doubled.

Have you had your D3 today?