Thursday, October 30, 2008

Got to thinking about my friend, Barry...

He's the guy I wrote about below. While he's been caught up in raising a family and building a fine homestead, he's HARDCORE when it comes to mechanical things. Barry and I see eye to eye on many things. He's a hardcore motorcycle drag racer. Here, he's refueling his dragbike on the dynamometer for tuning: (pics are maybe 5-6 years ago)

Just HOW COOL is Barry? He loaned me his "big tire" dragbike! No way! Loaning a dragbike is something that just doesn't happen in the real world! I made 4 passes on the bike at the drag strip. Talk about a RUSH! The thing launched HARD! I was doing the first 60 feet in 1.36 seconds (this pissed Barry off because my 60' times were slightly better [on this bike] than his and he's ridden for years)! :):) Here's my debut into the world of dragbikes:

Screwing around at the end of my driveway in Helotes:

At the race track, doing the 'burnout' to warm the big ole drag slick:


I'll never forget that! The initial acceleration is off the best be hanging on when you let go of the clutch lever!

You "pin" the throttle wide open on the starting line, engine is screaming at red-line, on the rev-limiter as you wait for the starting lights to flash, when it's time, you snap your finger off of the clutch lever (no feathering) and you and the bike completely launch!

The acceleration exceeds the brain's sampling rate, you ARE somewhere other than where you started, before you realize where you are! It is GO TIME BABY!...Fond memories....Barry is top shelf folks...I'd do this again, big time!

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Jeffrey said...

Not much for comments you know that, but Barry is an awesome dude. I remember when my Mustang broke driving from Houston to San Antonio (right at the halfway point of course)and fortunately had the RZ350 in tow and it got me the rest of the way. Finally got my Mustang to Barry's and he was all about my RZ, and rode it a lot better than I ever could. That was a cool shop he had on Foster Road.

Poor Barry, he needed to be two people, one the good married man, which he was. The other, the excellent wrench and radical bike dude. Which he also was. Hard to be both of those when you're only one guy.