Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm switching gyms, funny jacking with the sales guy...

I'll join, the price is right. So anyway, I'm nearing the end of my 1-week free trial and the kid that's trying to sell me the membership comes out onto the floor when I'm stretching (YES, I actually WAS stretching!) and sits down on the rubber ball thing. He's angling for the deal.

On the way out I say, "I'll join, but I'll come back at lunch time when I have my debit card with me. And BTW, what's the term of membership, how long?" So he's quickly jotting down my name again, SCRAMBLING for the "best" phone number to reach me. Dude wants it NOW! He pushes the contract across the table and I reiterate that I have neither credit card, NOR reading glasses.....the dude was FREAKED that he couldn't close the deal! He's real concerned that I'll never be back!

Poor kid. I'm thinking I'd like a term no longer than 6 months. Think it'll happen?

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Carolyn, 26.2 Princess said...

Sales people that pushy make me just want to walk away and never go back. How annoying. At least you know how to jack with him. Sad thing is, once you sign, he will never ever care about you again.