Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summertime, I'm loving it! Lots of riding!

We've been riding plenty of dirtbikes! Last week I rode at 3 Palms on Wednesday night with 4 friends. It seems the Wednesday night deal is a standing appointment. I took grilling stuff along and we grilled up some burgers as the riding was winding down. Saturday, I took my beloved border collie to the Run The Woodlands 5k. Ran a slow 26-ish minutes, but it's way hot! Then we again went to 3 Palms. What was to be 'an hour or two' turned out to be almost 4 hours. There are a lot of water breaks!

Then, I called my buddies Larry and Thomas Saturday evening and informed them that it would be wise to ride in the forest on Sunday. Larry and Thomas:

They had church, so we went super early. I got there at 6am. Is it wrong or illegal to listen to The Rippingtons very loud on the way to ride? Is it not contradictory to listen to jazz before climbing aboard a very rowdy dirt bike? Let's just call it the 'calm before the storm'... :):) Evan:

My riding has been very good! Lots of laps, lots of miles, lots of athletic endurance (yes, it is an endurance sport!). Zero perfectly good motorcycles thrown to the ground! Knocks on wood.

The weekend of June 20-21:

Ran a good 5-6 miles with a new group. Not really new, they're The Woodlands Running Club, just a different little splinter group with a different day and place than the usual Sunday group. Great time and Tessie got to run with another border collie named Jessie. Ironic. Jessie chewed on Tessie so it's apparent that my dog got "owned". It could have gone either way with 2 females.

I rode it The Forest after that and ventured to a new trail that I had never ridden. Oh man, THAT was TOUGH! I think the trail loop is 17-18 miles. Then there are the additional 5 miles of GETTING LOST. Very deep sand, the whole way! Very deep, deep, deep sand! The whole way. Hell of a workout. Don't ride the Northeast Trail unless you have a bike that floats on sand!

That weekend by the numbers:
Number of miles run: 6
Number of miles ridden: 22
Number of miles ridden in VERY DEEP sand: 21.97
Number of perfectly good motorcycles thrown to the ground: 1

Cool new fiberglass bridge, the only one of its kind I've encountered in the forest:

Post ride self portrait: