Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last Weekend...Great time, Great weather...

As I wrote earlier, I was going to cover up my running attire to sneak the Border Collie into the car and take her to the RTW5k race. Even in street clothes, both dogs KNEW it was weekend and both tried to jump in the car as I opened the door. Fail. Had to leave them both here...the American Bulldog would have scared folks at the race.

My sister-in-law ran her FIRST running race! Yea! I ran with her and pushed my young nephew in the stroller. She finished the race and did a fair amount of running, mixed with some walking. When she gets her running pace settled down a bit, she'll be able to sustain running. I then repeated the 5k after everyone was gone to get a brisk workout.

Next up, motocross at the track. Gorgeous day, perfectly groomed track, fun friends! Man, that set me up for the whole weekend! I just live for weekends! It was a productive day of riding. I short-circuited the track in a couple of places so I could work on turns and double-jumps that had been giving me some trouble. Practice, practice, practice! In fact, I have errands to run and a stop at the track is going to be included in a while.

Sunday had me driving round trip to NW San Antonio to score yet another load of my business stuff. I hauled a big U-haul trailer and filled it up pretty well. A couple more similar trips and I'll be out of SA!

On the way up, I stopped off visit my good buddy, Barry. He's worked his tail off building a new home near San Antonio and farming his 28 acres (I know where I'm headed when society collapses). Barry/Adorable Daughter/Beautiful home:

Had to stop at Joel's BBQ, in Flatonia, on the way home:

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