Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sometimes you just gotta DO IT YOURSELF!

Several years ago, a friend of mine from "an outlaw biker web forum" told me that a component on his very expensive ($22,000) German motorcycle had failed and that failure of the component was prevalent. He suggested that I design a new and much improved component and sell them. I did. I designed a killer kit that could be installed without special rivets and machinery for crimping/swaging mechanical connections, a kit that could be retrofitted by someone with reasonable mechanical aptitude and simple tools.

I designed and built 100 kits, on my time, with my money. After selling about 50 kits, the guy lost interest and got busy with family/work. After getting pretty hacked off, I told the guy that this WASN'T within what we agreed to and that I wanted to recover my inventory. It took several months for him to box up my stuff and send it back to me, but I've got it now. Not a bad guy, we're still friends...just not a business/money/marketing guy.

I've tried Microsoft's 'Front Page' website authoring software and found it to be tough to learn. Same thing with 'Dreamweaver'. Finally, I found a pretty simple program that I learned. I spent $40 on the software and $13 to register the domain name. So for $53 and a couple of days work, I present to you my NEW website for selling this little fringe product. I'm not quite finished, but getting close. HERE IT IS (taah dahhh):




Evan Guy said...

WHAAAT?? You don't like it? Not even a little?

I'd hate to start sulking and show my quivering lower lip jutting out well in front of my upper lip.

Geez you guys are some non-mechanical, non-wrenching folks....prolly a bunch of motorcycle haters, TOO! (where's my 'rolling eyes' emoticon?)...

L said...

See, it is the knack....they just don't Jones on this stuff. Build a really slick running shoe and you might get some attention. or maybe a bike part like this:

Gotta love that. Sweet stuff.

Evan Guy said...

So this is the basis for my 'social ineptitude'? It does seem consistent.