Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ok, I'll play...4th Folder, 4th Photo....

As seen on the blogs of both Tiggs, Coach Bill, and Viv, I went to the 4th photo folder in my 'puter and picked the 4th picture. Now I just KNEW that this would likely fall outside of the realm of what's usually discussed on this-here blog. Yep, it's not likely to generate much interest here.

OK, it's WORK STUFF!! You guys who really don't know me well, don't know that I just LOVE MY WORK!! I literally spring out of bed really early to get going, most days. I'm an inventor! With an engineering degree, I went backwards after college and bought machine tools and taught myself how to operate them. This was all in the name of building faster and more-bad-ass jet skis and drag racing cars.

One thing led to another and I taught myself how to do very intricate programming of computer-controlled machine tools, formally called Computer Numerical Control (CNC). Then logically, I started buying CNC machines. I do REALLY cool stuff!! I do stuff for the DoD (defense department), medical stuff, and have some (exactly 5) REALLY COOL parts that are ZINGING to PLUTO at over 52,000 mph for 9 years, as you read this. Anyway, the picture above is of a company moving one of my machines, about 5 years ago.

Earlier this year, my 2 current machines were moved to my current location. Here:


Viv said...

It must be great to love your job so much. keeps life fun when you do what you love!

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Adrienne said...

Holy cow! That is some sophistimacated stuff! I'm feelin inferior over here! :)

L said...

"This was all in the name of building faster and more-bad-ass jet skis and drag racing cars."

ZINGING???? 52,000 mi/hr.

I would say that was the fastest thing anyone I have ever heard of built.

Heck, my fastest bullets don't even hit 2400 mi/hr.

Yes, this is rocket science!

This is better than any of that running stuff.

Evan Guy said...

Hmmm, that's funny! I never EVEN thought about the connection of fast skis/cars versus Pluto! Never entered my mind, but I'll take it!! Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!! :)