Wednesday, December 10, 2008

OK, I'm back...How rude to have bailed!...

OK, running before Thanksgiving, 4.5 miles...Thanksgiving, 5 mile race...Friday, 5k race(1st place Masters' WIN [still milking this all I can!])...Saturday, 5k race. LOTS of fast running in 4 days!

Before the "Run Thru The Woods" 5 mile race on Thursday, me and my buddy, Laura:

Receiving my TROPHIES from "Puffy the Pine Cone":

Thanksgiving day, admiring a beautiful Ford Model A (it started rolling down the driveway as the guy was taking my here I'm posing for the photo AND arresting the car's movement...multi-tasking to the max):

WTF? The WG Jones forest is STILL closed!!?? My poor dogs haven't been running with me in months! Good grief, open the forest, already!

Last Saturday, I just had to show up at the Sunmart Endurance Race. Roger Soler has been sponsor and Race Director for the Sunmart event for MANY years. Having met Roger and his running stores/running groups in San Antonio/Helotes, I'd always been 'too busy' to travel all the way to Huntsville to run a really long race. Because I now live pretty close to the Sunmart event, I was fresh OUT of excuses this year! I saw many friends from San Antonio and plenty of friends from the Houston area, too. What a GREAT venue! Schucks, I'll run the 50k race next year! I ran about 9 miles with my buddy, Sabrina...good time!

Sabrina getting a little breakfast before the race:

Chatting with Randy Reina:

Donny, Evan, Roger Soler:

Jon Walk and Roger:

Jim Braden, Debbie Tripp, Bill Dwyer, the usual suspects:

Thundering thru the woods with Sabrina:

2 comments: said...

Not every day that you can get your picture taken with an Olympian. :)

Thanks for introducing me to Gary Brimmer. Paliska, his athlete, was a stud in HS, by the way. She beat 2008 Olympian Amy Yoder (now Begley) in two consecutive Foot Lockers.

Sabrina said...

Evan you rock. You were a celebrity out there on the trail! Next year's Sunmart better watch out for you (especially the ladies :) )