Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pre HMSA Race Check...

*** Leak Check***, A-OK (note to self, don't drink so much Diet Coke before running).

***Systems Check***, Marginally-Acceptable, but OK for tomorrow's 5 mile race.

I had an 'incident' 8 days ago. Contusion on stomach is much better, largely healed. Unlike a continuous scab that's 4 inches long, a healed area that's healing with small, not-connected scabs IS okay for running. Got it. (tmi, I know...but it's real)

Tweaked left ankle, uncool.
Three bruised ribs on my left side, uncool.
Screwed up left hand, uncool.
A big hit to my right shoulder, uncool.

But none of the aforementioned really entered the scene this morning (other than guzzling a bunch of diet coke on the way to the race...freaking dumbass). I was reminded of all of my current maladies, but I was surprised that I had no real show-stoppers.

I narrowly dodged a "no-running-for-you" bullet, big time! For that, I'm thankful! Whew!

I ran a 23:49, then went back to run with my sister-in-law. This is only her second running race, ever. I think I wrote 2 weeks ago, she "she just gets it!". I'm not having to prod her to the next race, she say's, "I'll be there next time". She just gets it! Congrats! Good times....


Adrienne said...

See ya manana!

Tiggs said...

thanks for runnning with us Evan!! it was fun!