Friday, November 28, 2008

"OK, I've had ENOUGH running in the MIDDLE of the pack!! ARGH!! Today, I'm gonna be FIRST PLACE!!"

"I don't care if it kills me, I'm tired of NOT coming in FIRST PLACE in the Master's Division! I'm gonna go out there and KILL today!" (Notice determined look on my face/marching sort of running):

"You're going DOWN!! And everyone in front of me that I determine to be a threat is GOING DOWN!! Got that? Good! I'm talking to YOU!":

"I'm DAMN SURE that I won FIRST PLACE in the Master's Division!" (arms extended to 'glide' into the finish):

Photo credits: Bill Dwyer! (what's new, he's on the ball!)


I'm sure it ain't true, but Bill D later wrote that I left too early and I have a TROPHY!


NO WAY, but I'll take it! Apparently, I won FIRST PLACE, MASTERS' DIVISION!

Before today, I've not really given the "Masters" much thought at all. I'm pretty sure one must be old to qualify for such. I never imagined that one day it would be my CONDUIT to a FIRST PLACE FINISH! (I'm still capitalizing words I shouldn't 'cause I earned it, DAMN IT!) I'm gonna be studying this whole new world of 'Masters', as it's my NEW way to get me some BLING! BABY! :):)

That pesky (kidding!) OLYMPIAN 5k runner, Jacob Mazone WON the whole event which SOMEHOW left me with a FIRST PLACE in the Masters! WOOOHOOO!

Let's be clear, I'm NOT a fast 5k runner. My fastest 5k is a 7:04 pace, and my fastest marathons were 7:26 min/mile pace. NOT a big difference, which favors me to the longer distances...Hey, I'm NOT going to argue or contest my FIRST PLACE WIN! WOOOHOOO!! :):)


Membership Required said...

Congrats. See you in the morning. Hey send me some Turkey day pics to my email so I can post them.
Thanks. ML

Adrienne said... look intimidating in those shots!! Haha- Congrats on the win!

K said...


Jamoosh said...

I bow down before the "Master"

L said...

Hardware! Gotta love hardware. YOU LEFT IT BEHIND!!!! Now of course it will be lonely up there on the mantle and you will have to get more. How about a MX trophy? Or a tri trophy?

Great job!! Thanks for representing us old folks.


Evan Guy said...

My "athletic room" in my house, where I store my running/cycling/swimming gear is about to be re-organized!! It's now my TROPHY ROOM!! Woot, Woot!!

Viv said...

YAAA Congratulations!

26.2 Princess said...

Holy Crap, that's AWESOME!! Woo-hoo!