Friday, November 14, 2008

My BEST Running Buddy in THE World!! Sonya!

As much as anything, I'm really looking forward to going running with Sonya! We've run together for 9 years, starting in 1998. I wrecked the running streak when I relocated here, late last year.

As running groups work, a large group fragments into a number of smaller groups. This is mostly due to differing running speeds, but personality cliques also enter the equation.

Four people comprise our primary sub-group of Roger Soler's running group. Within this sub-group, Greg and Mary paired up, and Sonya and I seemed to be a great fit.

Those who run in a group know what I'm writing about. It's at least half the reason that I'm there! Your running group ANTICIPATES your presence. You don't have to 'stand them up' very many times before you have no running group at all. I've told people, "the easiest way to get out of running with Sonya is to JUST go run with Sonya! It's not worth having to catch hell for not showing up!"

The camaraderie is all important! We just laugh and chit-chat the whole time that we run! It's shared exercise and it's catching up on what's going on in our lives. I LOVE my running group!

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've run with Sonya! We've probably run together more than 400 times and by my estimation have run 60-90 organized runs/races together! Coolest chic anywhere! We'll be thundering on Sunday!


Adrienne said...

Bring the thunder to S.A.! Have fun (I know you will!!) and good luck!

26.2 Princess said...

How'd it go for you today??

Membership Required said...

uncle evan, it's travis. I wanna know who that blonde is curled up on you like that...teach me the moves dude, your nephew, TAG

Evan Guy said...

That's Sher, THE BEST massage therapist and Rolfer IN THE WORLD! I've known her for many years, top shelf folks! I wrote about her after maasage envy pissed me off.

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