Friday, November 7, 2008

Great weekend for running! Beaut weather....

We've got the Run The Woodlands 5k tomorrow. I'll be doing a "systems check" of my ability to run (or not). My skeletal issues seem much better and the skin on my belly is healing well. The tummy healing being the biggest show stopper; it has been impossible to run due to the pain of the afflicted area flexing and bouncing, ouch!

Then Sunday we're off to the HMSA 25k run, where I'm a 1/3 team member for the relay. I'm teaming with Tiggs and Manny. With my uncertainty and Tiggs' illness, it kinda begs the question, "Hey Manny, can you run the whole 15 miles while Tiggs and I watch from the sidelines?" Just kidding, we'll pull it off somehow!

Following the race on Sunday, I'm thinking it would be great to share breakfast over at Le Peep, in Rice Village (MAP).

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