Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well ANY takers?? Clear Lake Olympic Tri, this weekend!***EDITED***

I REALLY shouldn't be doing this! I have a bunch of reasons why I should NOT do this tri! I'm not at all trained for it. I have a TON of stuff to do. I would miss my COVETED Run The Woodlands 5k. I still have stuff in San Antonio that needs to get moved NOW.

But that's not to say I wouldn't go do it. A challenge from a fellow competitor to show up (challenge only to show up and compete, not a performance challenge) would likely seal the deal.

Well? I dare ya! I double dare ya!! Let's go race this thing and go have some breakfast tacos following the race...Let's go!

While at the gym this morning, I decided that I'd GO FOR IT and run this Tri!! With all of the rain, there won't be running in the forest on Sunday and motocross is surely not happening. Ah schucks, I can do this tri, piece of cake!

So upon checking online, the 2 remaining opportunities to register and pick up my race packet are BOTH down in Clear Lake!! ARGH!! I'm not driving to freaking Galveston to pick up a freaking race packet....ARGH!! THUMBS DOWN!!


L said...

Wish I would have known sooner. My neighbor teaches down there and is a marathoner as well. She would have been able to pick it up. She says package pick up is a problem too. She is not doing the race this time. School starts Monday and she is not quite ready. Let me know next time you want to do one down there and I can ask her to get your stuff.

Evan said...

The guy that runs the series is TOUGH! (I have other words, but this is a public forum and I might want to race his events later)...NOPE, your friend can't pickup your packet! ONLY the person registered! GOOD FAAKING GRIEF!! :(:(:(

K said...

I guess he really doesn't want to sell out his races then, does he??

L said...

Neighbor was miffed at the idea he wouldn't let her pick up your packet. She said...Guess he won't be getting any of either of your monies.