Friday, August 8, 2008

Best not to blow off going to the gym...

Over the past several months I've been pretty good about going to the gym, the YMCA in The Woodlands. My regimen WAS pretty good until I fell off the wagon a couple of weeks ago. I returned on Wednesday and picked up where I left off...ARGH! And man was I sore yesterday!

I think I'm back into the regimen, having just gone again today. And I'll have to pick up a little bit of swimming because I'm thinking about doing the Clear Lake Triathlon in a couple of weeks....It's an Olympic length! "Ruht-roh" (the voice of Astro, the Jetsons' dog)! While the swim is only 1000 meters (not 1500 as is customary with Olympic distance), the bike is in the mid 20 miles and there's a 10k THAT oughtta 'clean my clocks'! Anyone else wanna go do it? Cassie?

Note to self: Don't blow off going to the gym, it's tough to come back! Of course there's the Run The Woodlands 5k tomorrow, followed by motocross. Then there is running in the forest on Sunday morning...Weekend, bring it! Carry on....


Tiggs said...

I'm afraid of the Oly distance! I am doing Iron Babe on the 17th and then forcing myself to do an Oly at the end of September :)

Evan said...

The Olympic length is GREAT! You very much DO need to have some endurance capacity (you do).

When you finish a Sprint, you're pretty much "good to go" for the rest of the day, no biggie.

The Olympic will encompass the WHOLE day! Kinda like a marathon, except you're not totally beat up in the legs-only, run-only department. Tri is so cool that it spreads out the wear-and-tear over your whole body, but not as extreme in any one area...You WILL be spent after an Olympic Tri!

Surely you've schooled Manny well in the 'care, feeding, and massage' of a triathlete!!

Fun stuff, you could undoubtedly do it tomorrow! :):)