Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It was only a week ago....

If you read that topic right down there, 2 topics down, I wrote about wanting to blow off Wednesday Night Track run. I emailed my running buddy with whom I have a "standing appointment" for this Wednesday Night thing. My email, "you going tonight?"....Her reply, "of course!" So I blushed and thought I need to not even ask, just SHOW UP!

So surely I wouldn't send a message like that today, as the answer, "of course" would further make me look like a wimp.

I showed up. I showed up 45 minutes early to make this my "long run" before my Half-Marathon on Sunday. My last-ditch training. Schucks, I've still got .43 weeks left to train (laughing)! Had a GREAT TIME, lotsa great folks showed up! We all ran a pretty relaxed paced and chit-chatted the whole time.

But apparently SOMEBODY elected to NOT SHOW UP!! (Where's my "shaking head" emoticon? And while I'm digging up emoticons, might as well splash in a few "rolling eyes" emoticons, too). Hey, it's all good!

And in other news, I found this to be quite funny! Dealing with bill collectors:


Sabrina said...

AHAHAH! I had to work late...I actually emailed Coach Green and have the email to prove the question is....was Evan REALLY there...I might have to do some investigation of my own...LOL...just kidding. Sorry I missed you. :(

Evan Guy said...

Woman, you're out of your mind! So despite the OBVIOUS that you were NOT there, somehow it's MY presence that's in question??

Pure LOCO!! :):):)

K said...

Hey Sabrina,
I'd watch your email for a cute spider drawing from Evan...

Very funny!

Have a great run this weekend!!

Membership Required said...

I should try that with some two year old picasso art work. i am stealing this and placing it on my blog.
Good luck this Saturday. ML

Evan Guy said...


You couldn't quite swipe it and make it work, could you??

I had to jack with the HTML formatting to get it to show up properly! I'll email it to you (it wouldn't allow HTML in a 'comment').

Jamoosh said...

Damn good Half Marathon Buddy!

I can only aspire to be as fast as you.

Great job!

26.2 Princess said...

Congrats on an awesome Houston Half Marathon today!!! Your time rocks! I hope you had fun too!

The spider thing cracks my sh*t up!

Evan Guy said...

Thanks Y'all! Yep, Carolyn, the spider deal is just the type of humor you would post over at your place....good stuff, funny people!