Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gotta LOVE Weekends!

After being off of the dirt bike for a month and a half or more, my friends suggested that we have a Motocross outing last weekend. While I had plenty of stuff to do, I just couldn't fight it! They came to my house and helped load up 6 bikes and we headed to the track.

Having mixed in frequent recreational motocross with my running/triathlon stuff throughout the past year, I guess I really didn't realize the dirt biking's contribution in physical conditioning. We rode Saturday after I ran 5 miles with the dogs. Sunday I ran 10 miles with the running group. But I was TORN UP from the motocross!! Only on Tuesday did the soreness and fatigue dwindle. My riding was GOOD!

Even though it doesn't seem very physically demanding while you're riding, do NOT under-estimate the workout you get from riding MX! I was wiped out from riding!! WooHoo!!

Here's our parting shot, great folks:

Running Update: As mentioned above I have been running. I run on weekends and try to get the dogs out once or twice a week. The weather and holidays have wreaked havoc on my good intentions. I've got the Houston 1/2 Marathon coming up in a week and a half, so I guess I need to hit it hard this week and weekend. I've been running Wednesday night track workouts, too. So I've still got 1.5 weeks to train for the event, eh?! :):)


26.2 Princess said...

I admit, seeing you "catch air", or whatever you riders call it, in those pictures made me a little dizzy. Looks like you had alot of fun though and some great weather for a ride!

You will have no problem handling the Houston Half. You will probably run a better half with little training than I would with maximum training, if that makes you feel any better that you could totally out-run a girl (this girl anyway).

Viv said...

What a fun thrilling hobby! I think you will still be awesome at the HM!

Evan Guy said...

Princess, you are correct, it is 'catching air'. It's really quite fun. I hadn't realized how much I've enjoyed it over the past year until I was absent for a bit.

Thanks to both of y'all for the encouraging words. I'll do OK. My biggest problem with too-few miles seems to be blistering toes due to lack of callouses.

I'll take both of y'all riding! C'mon. Not doing the stuff I do, just IS fun and you WON'T crash, I promise...I'm an excellent instructor!