Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Recap....

Man, I need a work week to recover from the weekend! I'll be making an appointment with my massage therapist in a little while!

I did go run in the forest with a good group early Sunday morning. There were probably 10 of us. Good time and a pretty quick pace, about 6.5 miles.

Then I DID go back to the track to claim the final 20 laps of my 45 lap quest. Piece of cake! Met a guy who rides a lot faster but doesn't take big chances on the BIG jumps. So he's clearing the same jumps/not hitting the big ones. And the same ones that I'm doing/not doing. Talk about a great point of reference! Nice guy, also a triathlete. He's a lot smoother/faster in the turns, the straights, and setting up for an impending corner. It's exactly where I need to be, more competent on the stuff that I am riding, but not taking big chances on the BIG jumps!

Number of times throwing a perfectly good motorcycle to the ground (crashes):2
Number of miles run: 9.6
Number of laps at MX track: 45

On Saturday, the track was tough. Hurricane Dolly wasn't quite as innocent as I'd hoped. Really deep, wet, sandy turns and straights in a couple of areas. I got stuck in a really deep rut and I was going down. But it REALLY did take several seconds (unlike a typical front end wash-out that happens quickly). Long enough that I collected my thoughts. "Oh sh*t, this is NOT going well! I'm gonna pull my leg out from under the bike...not yet, ok pretty soon........OK, pull the leg out from under the falling bike right NOW!"......Weird, it really was in slow motion! Plenty of time to figure it out!

Same thing in a deep sandy berm (a berm is banked turn). I left a BIG OLE DENT in that berm! For the rest of the ride, many laps to follow, I had to negotiate around that big ole dent! And it surely reminded me every time I saw it!

All told, GREAT time! I gotta get to work now! I need a work week to recover from the weekend!

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