Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Athlinks Profile....Hmm, I thought the results were long gone...

I was recently made aware of "Athlinks" and entered my name in the "search for athletes" box. WOW! I thought these results were long gone! Granted I've probably run 100 races, or so it seems, since 1998. But there are some GREAT memories in the results that are shown! What a hoot!

They did miss a couple of good races; My 1st marathon, San Antonio 1999, ran a 3:39! And in 2000, I laid down a stellar 1:32:30 for the 3M half marathon in Austin. They did list a couple of near-death experiences, too; San Diego and Boston in 2002.

It was too funny in Boston, 2002 (not 2001, when I THUNDERED in Boston!, EDIT, grinning) when I peeled off of the course and went and hung out at a keg party! The partiers were saying, "you can't do that! You've gotta get back out there!(pointing to the race)" I replied, "NO I DON'T!", and turned my back to the race. I drank a beer with them. It's true I was in a hurry and did kinda storm in and was pretty faaking DIRECT, "hey, you think I could TAP THAT KEG? I'm DYING OVER HERE!" How could they possibly deny me?? They quickly obliged, MY FRIENDS! And took pics with them (gave 'em my email addy so I could email the folks!)....then I went back out...VERY HOT and Humid! Bleeding nipples (that's a 1st) and soaking wet socks...ARGH!

1st pic,Pre-race preparations, shoulda seen the whole pic, MANY (prolly 50-60) watering the bushes
2nd pic,Looking fine before the race
3rd pic, After things got really bad (the wheels FELL OFF), I stopped by to have a beer (notice race in full swing in the background)...Here are my brand new friends who's keg party I crashed:

Great memories in those Athlinks results! :):):)


Coyote said...

If you can find the results we'll post em.. Just click on the "Add a Race" link located at the top of the site.... I like the Boston story..


Evan said...

Oh, thanks man! Neat idea you've got there! And I think you'll do well! Runners/athletes DO revel in their past performances (or cry their eyes out), so your documenting/archiving is NEAT STUFF!

As tiny frog suggested on her blog, ATHLINKS is "MySpace for runners"! I very much agree. Cool deal....I'll look at adding the races, but it might be too old...I tried 1999 SA and it didn't find it...Best, Evan

Tiny Frog said...

dammit! i forgot when i changed my template that the Athlinks stuff is now gone.

must add it back.

hey are you my friend on Athlinks?

if not ADD ME!!

Adrienne said...

1:32! That is stellar!

Btw...I added ya-hope it's ok! As for the pics... :-P

Carolyn, 26.2 Princess said...

Those pics crack me up. I would love to one day run a race without caring about time and stop and drink some beer in the middle of it. In fact, during my entire run this morning, I couldn't stop thinking about how nice an ice-cold beer sounded, even at 6:30 in the morning...

Athlinks is awesome. What a perfect way to have a record of your own races and stalk other runners!

Evan said...

Thinking of drinking ice-cold beer at 6:30 am IS early! Even by MY standards!!... ;);)

Where the hell is JAMOOSH?? We need a ruling here!!! Too funny!!

Jamoosh said...

Beer not necessarily the best choice of beverage during a marathon or even half marathon. Been there; done that; learned the lesson. I'll add a post later on in the week.