Monday, July 21, 2008

The Weekend in Review, Let's Recap...

Man, I live for the weekend! Since moving here in November, I've been saying, "I'm going to take back my weekends!" Friends said it wouldn't happen. Well, I'm doing pretty well with it!

Let's break it down by the numbers:

Number of parties attended: 1
Number of miles run: 0
Number of miles on bicycle: 0
Number of miles swimming: 0
Number of days going to the motocross track: 2
Number of days that ZZ TOP was playing as I entered the MX track: 1
Number of days that Jazz music was playing as I entered the MX track: 1
Number of perfectly good motorcycles thrown to the ground (crashes): 0
Number of riders passing me at the track: plenty
Number of riders passed: 6
Number of naps taken: 2
Number of battles waged on the internet at a motorcycling message board: 2

I had intended to go running in the forest with Susie's group (Luke's), but overslept. So I worked in my shop until the track opened. I've got a couple of regular buddies who show up at the track on Saturday mornings, rode with them. I usually stay at the track for anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on track condition, how I feel (on an "off day", it's easy to roll onto the trailer and drive right out the front gate).

It's a strange deal, I'm pretty sure I'm competitive. At the track, I get fired up and ride harder and more accurately when I encounter actual traffic. Specifically, riders of about the same ability. All of a sudden, I just go like crazy! It was getting a tad mundane on an empty track until others joined. It changes the whole equation, I jump into 'battle mode' and IT'S ON! So I guess I'm competitive.

What in the world is up with the 'fortune' that was in my fortune cookie?? This isn't what I would call a fortune, at all! And besides, what if my version of romance involves a cell phone? What is up with this:


K said...

Glad to see you have those weekend priorities straight! LOL

Rest is a good thing. I should get some... soon.

And cell phones are extremely romantic, as long as they are being used to photograph your love on the edge of that beautiful mountainside, holding the flowers that you picked for her...

Tiny Frog said...

OK thats kind of dumb for a least they are keeping up with the times...I mean I dont recall EVER seeing a fortune from a cookie mention anything about technology.

Plus when you add "between the sheets" after that it sounds really dumb ;o)

Adrienne said...

Wait....Panda Express printed that thing!!

Evan said...

Yeah, where's the message of wisdom and/or prosperity?

I had one prior that read, "your next vacation will be at an elegant resort"....WTF?? I'm thinking my next vacation will be dirt biking through the desert and mountains of Arizona, or maybe mountain biking in Moab, Utah, NOT some fancy-schmansy spa/resort....