Friday, May 29, 2009

How in the world have 2 months slipped by....

I hope my faithful blog reader(s) have been wondering where I've been. Sorry! A lot has happened in the past couple of months! Here's a sampling of what will soon be discussed here:

Teaming arrangements that don't happen
BMW Trunk Latch Handle Project
The Rippingtons concert
Dirt Biking in the Sam Houston National Forest
"Fix It BEFORE It Breaks" Project
Very short hair
Broken tooth
Plantar Fasciitis
Featured runner in "Deer Tracks"
Yard cleaned up then big tree fell down
Borrowed a kayak
The Honda lawnmower that just keeps running
YMCA Trail Run in Conroe
Riding at Rio Bravo


Jamoosh said...

Oh can't wait for a Rippingtons review. One of my favorite Jazz Groups.

Evan Guy said...

The Rippingtons ALWAYS put on a great live performance! More to follow....seen the Rips many times over many years! Good call, Jammosh!

Membership Required said...

heard about that broken tooth. Yikes. After I had my teeth done I had dreams about my jack o lantren smile prior to the pretty teeth being placed on. My drug induced state during that small but needed cosmetic time in my life is quite the story. Hope you get it fixed soon. Would hate to have the kids call you uncle snaggle tooth. Post pics to your blog.