Saturday, June 21, 2008

There's just not enough ZZ TOP in the world!!

Man, I'm still not well organized and am still setting up shop, but I think I might have to set up my big Cerwin Vega speakers and dig around in my ZZ TOP cd collection! Yep, I'm hanker'in for some ZZ!! It just doesn't get any better!


Adrienne said...

Wow, they have looked exactly the same for, like, 20 years at least now!

curt said...

glad to hear you say it. i know you love your pat metheny and rippingtons, but sometimes you just gotta cut loose and the last stop on that train starts with a Z!!!!

barley said...

Soo true. I'm 38 so I should have missed the REAL, old school ZZ.

Luckily I absorbed the older Bro music scene and still roll with old ZZ, Tommy Bolin (amazing), Jeff beck (STILL LOVE THAT STUFF), and the best band ever- RUSH (can't express how much I like them).

As much as I love TOOL, the new stuff just really lacks something. --lg