Monday, May 5, 2008

Well, I did my first Triathlon in Houston....

While I've done a bunch of tri's in years past, last Saturday I did my first one in the Houston area, the CB&I triathlon in The Woodlands. Triathlons are great! Such FUN! I think it's fun because of the variety and the "Chinese Fire Drill" that IS the transition! The transition is where you have your own little plot of land that's about 2 feet wide and 5 feet long. It's your own little "pit stop". You finish the swim and pull into the transition area to gather the requisite stuff for your cycling adventure. After the bike race, you again come scrambling in here to equip for the running race.

Admittedly, I was REALLY not prepared for this event! (My good running buddies just roll their eyes and say, "what's new") Since moving here in late November 2007, the only running I've done is the "Run The Woodlands" 5k race that's put on twice a month. So my running has been 6.2 miles per month. I did cycle 20 miles to my brother's house, 2 weeks ago. Swimming training consisted of a 10 minute swim last Tuesday. That was just to confirm that I wasn't ready!

All told, I had a GREAT TIME! There were 1000 competitors and it was a well organized event! In the swim, I caught myself "single stroking", breathing to the left every revolution of my arm. The swim was kinda 'limping along' in the lake. The bike was tough! The strong head-wind never seemed to go away, not even after turning corners...hmmm. My hamstrings were burning when I got off of the bike, so the run was tough. I held together and am pleased with my performance, considering I forgot to train for this. Old photo, but you'll get the idea:

Evan Guy #384

Magnolia, TX
Age: 44 Gender: M

Clock Time 1:28:30
Chip Time 1:28:30
Overall Place 378 / 836
Gender Place 288 / 505
Division Place 31 / 50
500Swim Rank 301
500Swim Time 11:14
500Swim Pace 2:15/M
T1 Time 03:11
15M Bike Rank 410
15M Bike Time 47:45
15M Bike Pace 18.8MPH
T2 Time 01:20
5K Run Rank 299
5K Run Time 24:58
5K Run Pace 8:00/M

I've really enjoyed my anonymity since moving here! I can go to Home Depot looking pretty scruffy with no chance of knowing anyone! But it's now apparent that my anonymity is dissolving! I probably saw more than 10 people that I've made friends with, and had good conversation. Oh well, so much for anonymity!

Great time!! Even though this was a really short tri, I was HAMMERED the rest of the day!

Evan ;)


Holden said...

Hi there Evan! I am planning on being at the RTW 5K this weekend. I'm going to be out of town most of this week so hopefully, I'm no too tired by Saturday.

Julie said...

Love the new blog. I linked you on mine. When can we get you over for dinner?